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Published: 22nd April 2010
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Aimed at sharing some helpful details of Kazantip 2010, this article also gives some tips about available hotel accommodations for those who consider attending this dance and music festival this summer.

kaZantip, the exotic dance and music festival is held every summer in a small resort town of Popovka in Crimea. In July and August, Popovka turns into a Virtual Republic or KaZantip Republic. KaZantip is also called as Z Republic. This music festival lasts for around 5-6 weeks and normally opens in late July. It hosted more than 150,000 paradiZers in 2009. The number is expected to grow up during the festival this year and 2010 will be the 18th year of this festival. This year's festival Z:18 is held between 31st of July and 22nd of August.

kaZantip festival was founded way back in 1995 in the Kazantip headland, a coastal area in the northern Crimea located along the Azov sea coast. Thus, the festival derived its name - kaZantip, from the place where it was started initially. Since 2001, kaZantip is held in Popovka, a small resort town located in the Western Crimea at the coast of the Black sea. Started by a group of winds-surfers to party after a hard day of wave riding, now this festival is organized in a bigger way to mark the end of the season. The super mind behind kaZantip is Nikita who made the whole transformation to this festival by introducing the latest trance and techno music.

Held on the beaches of Popovka, in an area of 60,000 square meters, every summer kaZantip hosts more than 300 DJs from Russia, Europe and Ukraine. Music is played for 21 hours daily. The festival offers more than 5 dance floors and the paradiZers can have their choice of these dance floors to pick from. On 30th and 31st May, the paradiZers organize 'Mayovka' or 'Happiness Parade' to celebrate friendship and happiness and get prepared for the summer events of the year.

At the very beginning the paradiZers mostly lived right on the beaches of Popovka during the entire festival season. With the growing popularity of kaZantip, new hotels and buildings with rental apartments are built in Popovka. The festival initiated a construction boom in Popovka. More new hotels and guesthouses can be seen there every next year. Hotels and apartments can be rented not only in Popovka, but in towns nearby - Shtormovoye, Mirnyi, Evpatoria, to name a few.

There is a certain number of hotels with modern facilities near kaZantip. One can find apartments and homes with private rooms to rent, that have been remodeled recently to suit the needs of the paradiZers. The price for these accommodations varies and depends on what kind of accommodation you are looking for as well as on the days of stay and the number of guests. For example, the cost would be $350 per person for a two week stay, for a standard room that can sleep up to 6 guests. Airport transfers from Simferopol are often offered as an optional extra at $60-80.

kaZantip is a perfect destination for music and dance lovers who want to spend their summer at a mediterranean-like coastal area and enjoy the music of leading DJs of Europe. You can expect a comfortable stay in one of the hotels near kaZantip and the sandy beaches of Popovka will remain in your memory for years.

Danya is expert author of tourist industry. According to her - If you have not set your vacation plan for this coming summer yet, consider going to Kazantip and use Kazantip hotel facilities .

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